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a collection of writings about those who write.

Posts are dedicated to authors who inspire wonder and promote growth in the Christian tradition.

As for me…

After retiring from the United States Air Force Academy Band (guitar) and successfully completing a B.A. in sociology (with honors, Chapman University) and the M.A. in philosophy of religion (with honors, Denver Seminary), I have worked in the IT industry, taught full-time as adjunct professor of philosophy and religious studies, and served for many years as Board Member, Director of Information Technology, and Trip Leader with ConservationVIP®, a non-profit dedicated to the sustainability of some of the world’s greatest landscapes, cultural sites, and biodiversity.

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I hold memberships in the Society of Christian PhilosophersEvangelical Philosophical Society, and the Evangelical Theological Society. My wife, Patty, and I are active members of Holy Trinity Anglican Church in Raleigh, North Carolina.

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  1. Be courteous in speech, i.e., no profanity. There are plenty of colorful words in the English language that capture the essence of human thought and feeling without resorting to offensive or abusive talk.

  2. Be civil toward others. While it’s reasonable to disagree, don’t attack the person behind the argument (ad hominem); address the argument in se or directly.

  3. Be open to antithesis. While belief in the historic Christian faith is essential to my identity (and perhaps to yours), consider alternative ideas as you reasonably and graciously interact with paradigms and presuppositions that you may not share.

  4. Be inclusive. When possible, include everyone when you mean to do so. Rather than using “man” or “mankind” say “humanity” or “humankind.” It has everything to do with good, clear writing and nothing to do with political correctness.

  5. Be relevant, keeping your posts on topic. Don’t use this blog to discuss trivia like what’s on sale at the mall or your favorite restaurant.

  6. Be reasonable and think carefully about the line of argument or logic used by others and respond accordingly. If logical or inconsistent errors are identified, point them out and provide a reasonable response that promotes consistency in thought and clarity in communication.

  7. Finally, be informed. This is my space. I reserve the right to remove, without warning, any entry that violates these guidelines.

The logo/image used here was found somewhere in the digital diaspora and sums up this site: reading books, drinking coffee (with no apologies to my mates down under or across the pond). Since I’ve no idea where I found it, I can’t really credit it (but would if I could).